Technical support

We provide technical support for the project from its launch to completion.
The technical support department of Technostok has a wide range of functions that helps in the everyday work of service centers and allows you to accumulate a database of technical information that can serve as a reliable basis for after-sales service.

The technical support department of Technostok performs the following functions:

– providing technical support to partners, consulting;
– training partners in the rules and features of repair, including on new models of equipment;
– providing partners with technical articles, updating them;
– developing and providing partners with service instructions;
– creating and moderating a technical forum for partners;
– creating and maintaining a technical knowledge base for partners.

Our goal is to build a clear system of interaction with partners, which will increase the level of after-sales service and the quality of equipment repairs, which is an important competitive advantage of any brand.

St. Petersburg, Salova str., 57 room 3
+7 (812) 244-96-96

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