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Responsibilities of retail chains selling equipment to end users include receiving claims and customer requests in case of problems with the purchased goods.

The user can return the equipment to the store as defective, then the goods must undergo diagnostics in order to identify whether the malfunction was caused by the quality of the equipment or there was a violation of the conditions of use. Thus, there arises a need to control the validity of returns.

When the user returns the equipment to the store in order to transfer it for repair, he shall ask all questions related to it directly to the store staff. Here the tasks of monitoring the repair of equipment arise: it was handed over for repair in a timely manner, maintainable equipment was not written-off, the repair was completed on time, and the goods were transferred to the owner. The services of Technostok are aimed at reducing the number of product returns and reducing the load on store employees.

To reduce the number of returns, you should:

– Remotely advise customers through a contact center.
– Confirm the validity of applying for guarantee repairs.
– Ensure guarantee repair of equipment on time, taking into account remote regions as well, which is achieved using the system for transferring equipment for repair.

Reducing the administrative workload on staff can be achieved through:

– The possibility for the user to independently monitor the status the equipment repair and receive information pon request.
– SMS informing users about the status of the work.
– Utilization services for decommissioned equipment or sale for spare parts.




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