Creation of a service network

Creating a service network is a serious process. The quality and timing of repairs, which ultimately affect customer satisfaction, directly depends on the skill level of the performers, and the volume of service costs depends on their degree of responsibility.

We possess the necessary standards and tools for finding and selecting a partner, and also have experience of working with a large number of service centers, which allows us to guarantee that authorization will be offered to the best partners of Russia and the CIS, and an optimal service coverage will be provided.

What includes the creation of a service network:

– we will audit current partners:
we will evaluate the partner’s qualifications and reliability, as well as its compliance with the current requirements of the customer;
– we will select new partners to provide the required coverage in the region, as well as replace existing partners that do not meet the requirements;
– we will provide the selected partners with familiarization materials that describe the requirements for service centers, as well as procedures and working conditions under the contract;
– we will sign an authorization agreement with the selected partners; we will provide the necessary documentation to legalize the work on the brand;
– we will conclude an agreement with partners on the basis of the authorization agreements received by them;
– we will train partners in working procedures, provide access to reporting systems, and prepare for full-fledged work.

The main advantage of creating a service network of independent service centers is the possibility to choose the strongest and most qualified partner in the region.




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